Entry #6

The serene walrus

2011-07-22 23:18:29 by username0hi0

Well... I haven't posted anything on this for quite some time...

I haven't time for flash animations due to study, but every once in a while I'd post up some artworks on my deviantart. So yeah... I'm currently on my semester break (only two days left though, including today) and I've finally finished my dubstep/trance composition!

I'd really appreciate it if you could check it out: Serene Walrus

Any feed back or constructive criticism is greatly appreciated!

My Youtube
My DeviantART

Thanks, Newgrounds!

George (username0hi0).


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2011-07-23 04:24:40

At least your Walruses are serene and not bleeding like in Sexual Lobster's works!

username0hi0 responds: